Tea Time. Brewing and Steeping Tea Tips.

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How To Make Your Herbal Tea

We steep tea differently every day.  Sometimes it’s in a hurry with half the mason jar sloshing out on the way to the car.  Other times we settle into the beauty of our tea blends, the peaceful ritual of infusing herbs in water.

You can make your Sweet Fern Gardens herbal tea any way that works for you, using whatever apparatus and steeping for however long, finding the flavor and strength you enjoy.  The important thing is that your tea is satisfying a craving, quenching a thirst, and just delicious, hot or cold, sweetened or not.

Here are suggestions on how to begin brewing your Sweet Fern Gardens herbal tea blends.  

Have fun and enjoy!


Bring FRESH WATER to a boil.  

This can be done with a tea kettle on the stovetop, electric kettle, pot on the wood stove, or eve running water through a Keurig.  

Measure out (or not) your HERBAL TEA

We suggest 1 Tablespoon per mug of hot water.   Again, find the strength you like for each tea blend.  One teaspoon may be all you need for the flavor you enjoy.  Or, you may love a certain herbal blend stronger and use a bit more.

Place herbal tea in an INFUSER or TEAPOT.

There are so many options here!

We use the infusers that sit on the top of your mug. There are many to choose from, but our favorite can be purchased right here in our SHOP.  They work great for filling to the top with tea for making a big mason jar, or using just a Tablespoon of tea for a single mug.  They seem to last forever, and the mesh strainer is good at keeping particles of tea out of the water (unlike many tea balls).

Another good option is a tea pot with similar strainer that sits inside, these can be found just about anywhere in a wide variety of shapes and colors. A french press is also perfect for steeping herbal tea, and there are many tea infuser mugs available that work well if you’re just brewing for one.



We recommend 5-10 minutes depending on how you like each herbal blend to taste.  The longer you leave the herbs in the water, the stronger the tea will be. Honestly, the way we usually drink tea each day is the first mug is steeped for 2 minutes and then the second mug or remainder of the pot is steeped for hours because we walk away to shower or finish chores.  

It’s TEA!  It is meant to be easy! It does not require perfection.


Covering your tea while it steeps allows a full hot water extraction of the herbs to occur. The volatile oils of each herb are locked in and your tea remains piping hot.  Steeping for at least 5-10 minutes ensures you not only receive a flavorful drink but also the full benefit of each of the herbs.


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