Sweet Fern Gardens


Holiday Packages are Back for 2017-2018!

Upon request we are offering Holiday Packages for this winter season.  Each package is five products and has a 15-25% savings! 

Our packages are currently changing for Spring, and will soon be posted and for sale on our website! 

Jillian Abraham
From the Beginning.

Liva and I came together in the Fall of 2014, two toddling cousins in tow, to create herbal goods for holiday gifts.  We were both coming from full-time vegetable farming, and found ourselves emerged in full-time mothering!  To balance this home life we reached for our passion of medicinal herbs and brought our ideas to fruition.  

We blended teas and infused oils, filled mason jars with brandy and spices, melted beeswax and cocoa butter, combined essential oils... and nap-walked the boys down our Vermont dirt roads.  After fine-tuning our recipes we printed out a holiday list and named our hobby business Sweet Fern Gardens. 

Four years later we continue with an aspiration to grow a successful business in the heart of Central Vermont.  Our gardens have expanded and we continually prepare for more.  Our boys are now five, and Liva has her second boy who is just 3 months old!

Our winter product sheet is currently changing to our Spring Products- will soon be posted! We have many more products to offer upon request.  We will be attending local holiday markets which our website and Facebook page will post.  This Sunday from 10am-2pm we will be at the Roxbury Village School along with 30 other vendors.   On Saturday December 2nd we will be at the Randolph Elementary School from 9am-1pm.  

Stay in touch- we will soon post our products for sale on our new website.  And reach out if you are a retail store, massage business or yoga studio.  We love making larger batches of our teas and massage oils! 

Thank you all for the support thus far!   

~Jillian Abraham & Liva Coe