The Sweet Fern Difference

We are committed to high-quality ingredients. Coming from a farming background, the way in which our herbs are produced is very important to us. We believe that when herbs are grown, harvested and dried with care, you can taste and feel the difference. That is why the herbs we use are grown locally in our own herbal gardens, responsibly and respectfully wild-crafted, and sourced from trusted organic farms. 

We create our teas by hand in small batches. Each blend contains only herbs in their whole, pure, and natural state. The vibrant flavors of the herbs are not altered by any added flavorings or fragrances. All of our teas are naturally caffeine-free.


Our Story

Sweet Fern Gardens began in 2014 when Jillian and Liva discovered a shared passion for growing and studying the properties of herbs and incorporating these nourishing botanicals into their everyday lives. With an infant and toddler in tow, they began collaborating to create herbal teas, tonics and body-care products. They shared these blends with their friends, family and community and the positive feedback encouraged them to share their products more widely.

Connected by their backgrounds in farming, using fresh, high-quality and ethically grown and harvested herbs was a high priority for Jillian and Liva. They decided they wanted to grow as many of the herbs they use in their blends as possible on their neighboring homesteads in central Vermont. As their gardens expand they aim to grow the majority of the herbs used in Sweet Fern’s products. The herbs that are not grown in their own gardens are sourced from certified organic growers and distributors committed to quality and sustainable harvesting practices.


Jillian Abraham

Jillian’s fondest memories since childhood are nature based, from the forest and the field. At the University of Vermont her worlds of food, horticulture and herbalism intertwined and the dream of creating her own homestead and business took hold. She worked at diversified farms in Central Vermont and then created Small Step Farm.  Small Step continues to evolve at Jillian’s Roxbury home; a web of vegetables and animals, alongside many of Sweet Fern’s ever-expanding herbal gardens. In the field, forest and kitchen is where Jillian can be found- growing, studying and exploring delicious recipes to share.

Liva Coe

 Liva’s fascination with the world of plants began as a young child and has followed her through many years of farming, foraging, botanizing, and study. From majoring in ecology and studying herbalism in her spare time to farming and doing botanical surveys, working with plants has been a constant for her. These days Liva spends as much time as she can in the gardens, fields and forests of her Vermont home, growing, gathering and drying herbs and concocting herbal teas and tonics to share with her family and community.