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bringING the goodness of the garden to your teacup.

Hand-crafted Herbal Products Made in Roxbury, Vermont.

At Sweet Fern Gardens, we understand the importance of taking a moment to care for yourself amid the constant demands of our busy world. Sometimes self-care can be as simple as sipping a cup of tea.

With a passion for incorporating nourishing botanicals into everyday life, we grow and source the highest quality ingredients to create herbal blends that will help you recharge, reset, and unwind.

Choose from our collection of herbal teas, rich in vitamins, minerals, aromatics and antioxidants to help you be your best.

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Our Company

Our products are inspired by years of farming and a love of medicinal plants. We handcraft small batches of our herbal teas in the mountains of central Vermont.

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Our Teas

Locally grown in our own herbal gardens, responsibility and respectfully wild-crafted, and sourced from trusted organic farms, the herbs in our teas are of the highest quality. All of our teas are naturally caffeine free and created only with vibrant herbs in their whole and natural state.


HERBAL TEAS handcrafteD with love and care.